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Here at Pacific Rim, you won’t find a lot of fluff about our detailed procedures and processes for insuring quality, reliability and consistency. There are fancy terms for all this and it all sounds important and professional. What’s really important is having smart people, boots on the ground, and eyes in the factories with the knowledge of the way things get done over there. I’d prefer to refer you to my customers to prove to you that they are treated fairly, kept informed, and delivered quality goods.

Doing business in China is seldom a clean, easy and hassle-free experience. Since 1993 I’ve been edifying myself, learning from mistakes and I learn more each and every time I’m there. There is nothing like building relationships in China, getting you hands dirty in factories, eating their food and drinking their wine and learning about their lives.

When you call Pacific Rim, you’ll speak with me. I personally manage each project. I will do all I can to understand your product, your goals and concerns. I may ask a lot of questions and raise issues you had not considered. I consider it my job to help you all I can, to play devils advocate and to offer thoughts and options that may be of great value to you.

Helping entrepreneurs and established small & medium business’ grow and manufacture custom made products in China is what I do. Give me a call and get the honest answers you need. It is always a pleasure and source of inspiration for me to talk with the creative thinkers of our country.